Intro – AsymmetricPhotons



Why did I name this site Asymmetric Photons?

When I first noticed the asymmetrical diffraction pattern (narrow bands on one side changing to wide bands on the other side), I had to wonder what was causing this effect. While photons have wave characteristics they are still a quantum object with a defined value. Waves of course are described as a traveling oscillation. By that nature, a wave can only be completely identified by defining at least one full cycle. This adds the fourth dimension, time/duration, into the description otherwise you only have a single point. Most illustrations of photons use that imagery and show a wave pattern going from zero to a max to finally finish at zero again. This encourages the perception that the photon may move similarly to a snake weaving thru the grass.

Per the Wikipedia definition; in physics, the symmetry of a physical system is a physical or mathematical feature of the system that is preserved or remains unchanged under some transformation. The asymmetrical diffraction pattern showed a break in the symmetry that may provide clues to a nature of these photons. I plan on improving my equipment and speculation to help elucidate mental images I have that may describe the shape of a photon

The picture above is one example of patterns I have produced in a simple setup at home. I have focused (pun intended) on diffraction patterns of laser light using variations of single edge or single slit obstructions. This pattern was the incentive for beginning this blog since it was unexpected and I have not been able to find information of similar asymmetrical diffraction patterns.

The Asymmetric Data tab contains some crude data and measurements of my site’s theme pattern.

The Research photos tab includes a sample of pattern variations that I have encountered.

The Puzzle Pieces tab is simply an assortment of thoughts and information that have caught my attention.

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