Bohr`s Copenhagen Interpretation defined a new direction from the old quantum theory into esoteric elements such as wavefunction collapse and the complementarity principle. This direction proceeds to such theories as Many-World interpretation and the fog of multidimensional superstring theories. I have concerns that this direction may not accurately portray reality. One example of a possible contradiction would be the Afshar experiment. I have developed an interest in this physics cusp while I do not have any developed theories, I have come across some interesting ideas. I would like to share the results of some of my home experiments in laser light diffraction. I have been able to generate asymmetrical patterns with a single slit and a number of other interesting patterns. In article after article, we see light and other electromagnetic energy shown as waves but this cannot be correct. And there`s the rub. I can accept a wave or a particle, and if it`s a wave then it must be a wave in a medium. Clearly, if it takes certain conditions to produce the pattern, then elements in those conditions are influencing the photon. How this packet of electromagnetic energy is interacting with matter is what these experiments demonstrate. I can visualize two essentials to consider. The first would be the physical elements such as the slits, obstructions, and such. The other would be the characteristics of the photons themselves such as frequency, amplitude, and position. Frequency and amplitude can be measured and somewhat defined so I am willing to consider what may happen to position from the light source to the final target area. From what is displayed it is obvious that photons may not necessarily be represented as a single point until it is absorbed/reflected by matter. Photons that come within certain limits without contact are being influenced by the slit or obstructive material. This may be because even though it is a distinct unit, it may occupy specific space. This could be anything from a one dimensional string spinning like a bolo, to a pulsing blob extending then contracting. Of course I am not suggesting that these images are literal, but instead useful tools in visualizing how photons may interact with matter.  

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  1. I am interested to know if there are improovements about these observations to verify if it is possible explicate your results on the basis of the anti photon existence.
    Dr. Corrado malanga
    Depart. Of chemistry of Pisa University

    1. Dr Malanga,
      My experiments have been rather low accuracy due to the equipment and my own limited skills but I feel I have demonstrated that the diffraction pattern is dependent on characteristics of the photons. With the right equipment and expertise, I believe it would be possible to map the actual shape of a photon. Perhaps the shape can explain the Young double slit interference pattern in a new way.
      Please feel free to use any inspiration from my site. If you wish to discuss any of this, my email is dave@davehewitt.com.
      Thank you for your interest,
      Dave Hewitt

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